Sovereigns Handicapped Invitational Tournament

[The Sovereigns]

The Sovereigns Golf Society was formed a few years ago by a group of friends who shared 2 passions, drinking & golf. The first event was held at Pineridge GC & attracted a field of 6 players. The event was christened The Sovereigns Handicap Invitational Tournament (S.H.I.T.) & since those early days, the society has grown to now number 24 members.

The first few events concentrated more on the social side of the game. A number of members would load their bags up with alcoholic beverages & not worry too much about the standard of their golf. It even got to the stage where non playing members would come along on the day & act as bar stewards, driving a buggy loaded with booze from group to group on the course.

The society has now, like it's membership, matured a little. We no longer allow drinking on the course although a good session afterwards is always encouraged. We have a formal committee with elected officers & we now have this web site. We hope that the site will develop over the next few months to include all sorts of interesting info about the society, it's members, & the courses on which we play.

In the good old days we never used to have bikes so we rode our women instead.

Patrick from Holland

[society picture]

The Society Members

The picture shows the team members. You can clearly see that Mike Gail is running off the course due to his bad back.

[isle of wight trip]

Isle of Wight

One of the society members recently got married, with this in mind a minny bus was booked and 20 of the members had a weekend away playing golf. Stuart drove the bus and once all the lugagge and his ladder was loaded off the society set, we obviously loaded up with beer but never started drinking till 9 in the morning, it was a late start that day. By the time we stopped drinking we realised we were waiting to tee off. Jose had a quick piss on one of the balls on the fairway and off we played. The weekend was spend between playing golf, drinking and Jose pissing or shitting his pants.